We want your trade!

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Why trade-in with Seaway GM?

Get a better value for your trade!

When it comes to a great trade,  Seaway GM WANTS YOUR VEHICLE! Why? Because thousands of people contact us every month and we’re very confident we can find a buyer for it, fast.

Fast, Free Car Appraisals

Our appraisal process is free, and you’re under no obligation to take our offer once we present it to you. Best of all, we won’t waste your time. In other words, we want to work with you!

Get your money fast

If you don’t want to put your trade-in money towards the next vehicle you’re buying, we can get you cash fast! Avoid the hassle of selling your vehicle privately and waiting on payment.

Not interested in trading? No problem!

We’ll buy your vehicle even if you don’t want to buy something new from our dealership. We’re just looking for pre-owned vehicles. We’re not looking to rope you into a vehicle you don’t want to buy.

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Get top dollar for your trade!

Car being washed at Seaway GM carwash service

No need to shop anymore!

Shopping around is usually key to finding the perfect new car, at the perfect price – but it’s also key to getting the best value from your trade-in. Well shop no more, Seaway GM is proud to offer competitive and top dollar values for your trade!

Providing the best service we can.

We know that you want the best price for a car possible and a completely worry-free experience. Giving you the best possible price for your trade in is, of course, an important part of that process.

Increase Your Trade-In Value

Various tools are available to help you zero in on an acceptable trade-in value for your vehicle, though that trade-in value is generally not finalized until we fully examine it.

Often, your trade-in will be subjected to a full appraisal where it’s examined carefully and scrutinized for any signs of damage, rust, excessive wear, leaks, problems with vehicle parts or systems, the condition of the tires and brakes, and more. This process exists because even otherwise-identical vehicles can wind up in vastly different shape some years after they were built, based on how well they were cared for and maintained.

Maximize your trade-in value (and speed up the trade-in process) by ensuring that all service records are available for us (hopefully, you’ve stored these all somewhere). Touching up paint chips and scratches, addressing issues like burnt-out bulbs, worn-out wipers, fluid leaks, and the like, can all help increase your trade-in value as well, though typically not massively.

If the appraisal reveals some problems with your trade-in, interested shoppers may wish to ask the dealer if fixing those issues on their own dime might boost the trade-in value enough to make doing so worthwhile.

A good wash and a full interior detail may also help you get a higher trade-in offer.

Some shoppers will spend hundreds of dollars on maintenance and repairs before a trade-in appraisal, while others will trade in “as-is” for less money to more quickly make the switch into a newer car.