10 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car from a Franchised Dealer

10 Benefits of Purchasing a Used Car from a Franchised Dealer

What’s a franchised dealer? They act as an agent, selling used cars for major auto manufacturers like GM or Ford. The auto manufacturers sell their rights to the dealer to offer their specific line of products. Shopping for a used car from a franchised dealer can provide buyers with a wide range of advantages over buying a car from a private seller or from an independent used car lot. Discover the benefits of purchasing a used car from a franchised dealer are right here.

Certified Vehicles

Franchised dealerships are the only ones who can sell you a certified used vehicle through their manufacturer. Certified vehicles are usually newer models that have extended warranties and have undergone 12-point inspections.

Thorough Inspections

Not only will the car be thoroughly looked over by a licensed mechanic, but it will also undergo any maintenance and repairs to ensure it’s being sold in good condition. Plus, you’ll receive proof and information regarding the inspections – something you won’t see at an independent dealer.


It’s highly unlikely that a private seller will have reconditioned the vehicle before selling it to you. Many used cars are simply sold as-is. Dealerships have a reputation to uphold, which is why the used vehicle they will sell you will not only be inspected but also reconditioned. They’ll even provide you with a copy of the maintenance history and reconditioning that was completed.

Additional Warranties

A private seller cannot offer you a warranty, but a franchised dealer can. Optional additional warranties can give you more peace of mind.

Trade-Ins and Other Deals

Another benefit of working with a GM dealership is all the special offers and policies they have. Some offer special discounts for students, armed forces, and those with disabilities. Seaway GM also offers a trade-in deal and will buy your car from you on the day it’s appraised.

Financing Options

The local car dealer in your neighbourhood might sell used cars but do they offer to finance? Likely not. A franchised auto dealer, on the other hand, will. They’ll even help you get financing if you’ve been declined for a loan from the bank by going through their manufacturer’s financial services department.

Extensive Service Facilities

Franchised dealers also have other service facilities that can perform work on the vehicles that they sell. This will include a staff of professional and reliable technicians that are trained specifically on the brands of cars that they sell. Most independent dealerships don’t have service departments to fix your car after you buy it. This can be a hassle when you need to find a reliable mechanic who has experience with your particular model, which can be difficult to find.

Huge Selection

If you’re on the market for a new Buick or Cadillac, you’ll likely want to have a large selection of inventory to choose from. A private seller won’t have a variety of cars to offer, so you’ll have to do a lot of shopping around between owners to find what you’re looking for. And an independent used car lot will likely only have one or two available at a time. With a franchised GM dealer, you’ll find a number of options for every make, model, and year that you’re looking for, cutting down the time and effort you need to spend looking for the perfect used car.

Sell Both New and Used

Franchised auto dealers don’t just sell used cars, they also sell new ones. So, if you’re on the fence about buying used or new, a franchised dealer like Seaway GM can help you decide by showing you all the options available to you based on your budget.  You might also be surprised to learn that you can afford a new car thanks to our financing options and special rates.

Instant Qualification

Timing is everything when it comes to finding a car that you like. If the loan takes too long to process, your prized vehicle could get sold to someone else. Fortunately, certain dealerships offer instant qualification to speed up the process. Even if you’ve secured a loan from your bank, the franchised dealer might offer a lower one, and all it takes is a few minutes to find out. Thanks to instant online credit applications, you can apply for a no-obligation car loan in minutes and then a financing professionals will reach out to discuss all the options available to you.

With Seaway GM you don’t have to worry about buying a “lemon” or missing out on an opportunity because of a delayed loan process. Our GM franchised dealership offers all the points and features mentioned above, and more. Come visit us today and discover the difference when shopping at a certified dealership for a used or new car today!